‘The Armoire’ Book Series

The Armoire

The ArmoireMaxine, a psychology major from Wisconsin, has always wondered what her grandmother kept locked away in her armoire.  But when she inherits it, Maxine unlocks something divine and wonderful that’s to lead her to the answer of her life’s biggest question – what is my purpose?  She embarks on a journey that opens her eyes, opens her heart, and lights a fire in her soul.  She’s shown things that people only dream of, as well as the things of nightmares.  Inspired, Maxine sets her life on a new course, but life comes with pain, just as it does joy.  Shaken by a devastating discovery, she has to learn to trust God to go where she cannot and protect who she cannot.  Will she be able to stay the course, or will the discovery be too much for her to bear?

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Nicole, a teenager from Wisconsin, has been left behind in the Rapture.  Everyone she loves is gone.  Crime has become rampant.  Chaos has erupted all over the world.  Leaders have disappeared.  The stage is set for the Antichrist to step onto the scene.  She can no longer stay at home and needs to seek shelter from the coming wars.  She befriends others like her, and they band together to survive.  Reaching a breaking point, she takes things into her own hands and now has to be on the run from the new world leader’s regime.  Something she clings to in times of need is the gift that her mother left her, a feather from her guardian angel, Abia.  He helps to guide her in her purpose, but cannot offer her comfort in response to her most pressing question – “Why can’t I come home now?”  Will she press on and fight the good fight, or will she be too weary to fulfill her destiny?

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