The Light that Shines in the Darkness

John 1:5  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

It’s hard to imagine a light that shines so brightly that darkness can’t overcome it.  That’s a pretty bright light.  Nothing can cover it or hide it…….nothing.  God is this light.  And since we’re His children, we have that light in us – just sometimes it doesn’t always shine so brightly in us.  Sometimes we allow things to cover it like fear, worry, stress, thinking we’re not good enough, perfectionism, trying to be everything to everyone, and feeling like a failure – like we’re disappointing our Father.  We’re not perfect, I’ll give us that, but we weren’t expected to be.  We were expected to learn as we go, grow wisdom with each decision and consequence, to become better even without realizing it.  God talks of this in the Bible, that we’ll change from glory to glory.  He knew this when he made us.  Why can’t we accept this of ourselves?  I’m a people pleaser – which is good in some instances, yet to have that always looming over me is overwhelming and exhausting.  I sometimes forget that I’m not expected to be perfect.  Sometimes I forget that what God wants the most is for us to spend time with Him.  This has to go before the other goals and tasks I make for myself.  All good things come from Him, so starting our day with Him makes perfect sense.  There’s no better way to start your day than feeling connected to the Father, and I think we’ll feel a lot less pressure knowing He wants us to have a good day, not a pressured one that we put on ourselves.  I think we’ll all start the day out with more peace and clarity.  I know I could sure use more.  How about you?

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