Next Steps – Growing Closer with God

Psalm 145:18  The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.

Having a relationship with God, our creator, is a privilege.  This is who made everything and everyone we see.  Those beautiful horizons, sunsets, snow topped mountains, and glistening oceans, are among the many marvelous things He’s made.  He placed the spots on leopards.  He created our solar system and placed our planet on an axis.  He made the sun and moon that it would need.  But above all else, He made us.  We were made His image.  Descendants of the King, we are destined to live with Him for all of eternity.  We were made by Him, for Him.

As majestic and powerful as He is, He wants a personal relationship with us.  With US!  He may be king and creator of all, but he is still our Father.  He wants us to come to Him as we are.  Remember, He made us, so He knows everything about us.  We can take anything to Him – nothing is too small and nothing is too big.

Here are some ways that will help you grow a stronger relationship with God:

  1. Talk to Him throughout the day.

For me, it’s become a habit to talk with Him like He’s always standing next to me (of course, I do this internally).  When something good happens, I thank Him on the spot.  When I make the perfect cup of coffee, I thank Him for making the coffee bean.  When I get all green lights while driving, I smile and say, “Thank you, daddy!”  And at the same token, when I hear bad news, I ask Him to intervene.  When I’m nervous about something, I ask for peace.  This keeps Him in the forefront of my mind, because He IS really there.  It’s just recognizing it, which in turn, makes me feel more connected to Him.

  1. Count your blessings.

This one sounds like a cliche, but this one is key in realizing just how involved He is in your life.  The Bible says all good things come from Him.  So, on your way to work, think of and thank Him for every good thing that’s happened to you lately:  all that you have, all of the things you have planned, doors that were opened for you, health of you and your loved ones, the relationships in your life, the skills He blessed you with, and on and on.  You’ll find that the list is huge!  This really puts in perspective how active He is in your life and how many blessings you really do have.  And keep in mind, these are just the ones He’s shown you.  So many blessings happen behind the scenes that won’t be revealed to us until the due time.  Something else to thank Him for!

  1. Reading the Bible.

If you want to know what God’s all about, begin reading the Bible daily.  When you read, go for quality, not quantity.  Meaning, don’t rush through it just to ‘put in the time’.  You won’t get much out of it that way.  Now, in the days of the internet, Bibles are available to read online, and there are tons of reading plans to choose from.  There are days we all need encouragement, and you can even search for ‘encouraging verses’ and have a slew of them at your fingertips.  Taking notes while reading is helpful, as well.  Notes always help things ‘stick’ more for me.

  1. Go to church.

Find a good Bible believing church and go regularly.  You’ll be in the company of other believers looking to continually learn more about God, just like you.  There’s usually worship time, which I personally love, and you’ll have a chance to connect with other like-minded believers.  With the hustle and bustle of life, taking a break to spend time focused on learning more about God is like getting refueled.  For me, it’s really motivating and gives me the spiritual boost I need to begin the week.

As you learn more about God and spend time with Him, you’ll feel your connection to Him grow stronger and stronger.  I’m grateful that He’s a God that wants to be an integral part of our lives.  I feel blessed and honored that He would want me to surrender my burdens to Him so I don’t have to carry them.  He’s unlike anyone we’ve known, and He’s definitely worth getting to know.

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