Worrying – what a waste

Well, it finally happened – I’ve finally reached that point.  The point where I’m tired of worrying.  Worrying is one of the most useless wastes of our time, yet we spend profound amounts of it doing just that.  I look back at all of the things I’ve worried about and their outcomes and see that God’s never let me fall, to the point where I couldn’t get back up anyway.  Sometimes things happen to us to help us grow, sometimes we play an integral part in someone else’s destiny, sometimes we’re blessed with gifts He gives us.

I believe we have a hard time not worrying because sometimes it’s hard to see past our own wants and desires, especially when they’re not being fulfilled.  Prior to being a parent, it was hard for me to see past me, but once I became one, suddenly my biggest wants were for what my children wanted.  They were the apples of my eye, what my mind was focused on, and I didn’t worry about my own life as much.  So, lo and behold, after I stopped worrying so much, nothing fell apart.  Life went on and continued with both blessings and lessons, all without my worrying playing a large, important part.  I just enjoyed life more.

When I step back and try to envision what God sees, he has a whole lot of children.  All whom His attention is constantly centered on.  He has a master plan for all of our lives and knows exactly what He’s doing.  A traffic ticket to us seems like a bad break, while the accident we avoided while being pulled over was the real blessing.  Worrying is really us not trusting our Father.  And this life isn’t about getting all we want – like we always really know what that is, anyway.  Our main goal as Christians is to become more Christ-like.  Christ was selfless, humble, gracious, wise, loving, and knew that the Father knew best.

Let’s bring our requests to God, but then let’s let Him have them.  Our holding on isn’t helping us, it really feels more like torture.  Let’s remember that God’s plans are perfect, whatever the outcome.  They will serve a purpose.  And He is good.  I don’t know about you, but looking at my track record of mistakes, I’d rather have God in control and know it couldn’t be in better hands.  Wouldn’t you?


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